Dream Mario is interested in deconstructing the binary nature of gender representation in popular traditional and contemporary video games. Specifically, how those stereotypes related to an assumption of binary genders are limiting, exclusive and segregating.

The games industry has for a long time been a serious offender of gender stereotypes and misrepresentation. We only have to look back at the quintessential game “Mario” to see contrast between hero of action as a male and damseling for the female. Even though this game was developed thirty years ago, it's binary nature of gender representation is still prevalent today.  

We believe that now more than ever there is a cultural and societal importance associated to games, to establish a set of personal freedoms and connections of a diverse audience to a role-playing avatar.

Sprites and Game Design: https://joshuabidwell.itch.io/

Audio: https://fraserguitar.wixsite.com/theshak 

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